Why we do it

Beginning in 2019, the Open to Growth workplace initiative arose in response to the large number of English-speaking expats seeking professional, practical treatment for various forms of mental distress. Whether dealing with the nuts and bolts of adjusting to new surroundings, or managing the increased expectations of success that accompany a changing world, the impact upon mental wellbeing (and the secondary issues that often arise e.g. substance misuse) represent a significant challenge.

  • Experience at work plays a significant role in each individual’s wellbeing
  • Employee access to professional mental health support and education can provide a pivotal contribution to team health and performance
  • By increasing organisational health for a long-term outlook and investing into the well-being of your employees you also invest in the future of your company

As mental health continues to rise up the agenda, we are committed to supporting organisational wellbeing that starts directly with each person in front of us.

Open to Growth is our platform for making this possible.

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