How can you tell when work issues arise as a result of poor mental wellbeing? What do people really need in order to bring their best to work? And if you’re reading this, perhaps the pivotal question – how might increased mental health awareness have a tangible impact upon general performance at work?

Truth is, it’s a journey. There’s still stigma around mental health, and the goal – to make good mental health a mainstream issue – has some way to go.

  • Small changes in thinking and understanding can have a significant impact over time
  • Ensure that colleagues who experience mental health problems will not have to confront the kind of stigma at work that we know remains prevalent in wider society
  • We can raise awareness of mental health, its various conditions and causes, and supplement the conversation with practical guidance and preventative tools

Open to Growth offer a range of accessible and informative seminar introductions that initiate and support a workplace conversation.

Offered in a relaxed and open manner, these courses present a chance to throw some light on issues that affect us all.

Please get in touch to discuss how we would be able to bring a constructive conversation to your workplace.
 Available both on and offsite, sample topics include:

  • Understanding and enhancing your mental health  
  • Reducing personal workplace stress
  • Developing effective communication
  • Managing transitions (e.g. relocation adjustment)
  • Understanding and overcoming phobias (e.g. flying)
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience training
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